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Help & Info about ClipGrab for mac

  • What is ClipGrab for Mac?

    ClipGrab is a program that helps users rip and download streaming videos from the internet. Compatible with a number of popular streaming sites, ClipGrab is the perfect solution for users who wish to save videos for offline playback or just to save a copy in case a video gets taken down.
  • Is ClipGrab for Mac free?

    Yes, ClipGrab is free to use and has a General Public License that ensures users can run the software. It doesn’t require a payment at any point in its download or use and also does not contain ads—another form of indirect payment.
  • Is ClipGrab for Mac safe?

    Yes, ClipGrab is safe to download and use and won’t harm your system with harmful or malicious malware or viruses. It also doesn’t feature any graphic or inappropriate content, which means its safe for users of all ages to use.
  • What platforms is ClipGrab for Mac on?

    ClipGrab is available on desktop and laptop computers running the Mac OS X or macOS, as well as Windows operating systems. For users running operating systems that may not be compatible with the software, there are many freeware programs that can provide the same basic functions as ClipGrab available online.
  • How often is ClipGrab for Mac updated?

    ClipGrab is updated regularly in order for developers to fix issues and bugs with the software. This is true for both the Windows and Mac versions of the software.
  • How do I install ClipGrab for Mac?

    ClipGrab can be installed quickly and easily on both Macs and Windows computers. The first step is to download the setup file. Once downloaded, users can follow the setup guide to complete the installation and choose a storage destination for the program.
  • What’s new in the latest version of ClipGrab for Mac?

    In the latest version of ClipGrab, users can take advantage of the clean and simple user-friendly interface to perform fast downloads of streaming content. They can also convert downloads into file types of their choice, such as WMV, MPEG4 and MP3.
  • What websites are compatible with ClipGrab for Mac?

    ClipGrab can be used with a variety of the most popular online streaming sites. These include YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, CollegeHumor, Tudou and more. All of these sites can be used to download video regardless of the operating system.
  • Is ClipGrab for Mac legal?

    Yes, ClipGrab is a legal piece of software. While the act of downloading streaming content from the internet is not illegal itself, there are issues regarding the downloading of copyrighted material. It’s recommended that the software only be used to obtain legal and copyright-free material.
  • Does ClipGrab for Mac require an internet connection?

    Yes, ClipGrab requires an internet connection in order to download streaming videos. In order for the program to operate, it must use the URL or a website hosting a video. It uses that URL to locate the online video file. Without an internet connection, obtaining and downloading the video would be impossible.


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